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I always knew I had Big Willie potential Drop the raps on tracks, drop the tracks on wax, an dat's official I crashed you, who gassed you Niggas talkin outta turn and out they ass too Nigga, who asked you, I blast you High screams'll turn to yodels Can't You See my Notorious Big gun I pack'll leave ya Total-ed The mass destructa, cash conducta, class constructa You crossed the hustla's path at last muthafucka I got dat ass, the hostage holder The ransom note taped, with CB4 explosives Wit my name written across the folder Smoothe Fa Hustla reppin strictly keep my weapon wit me Niggas steppin quickly die quicka when I'm high nigga Hold up, whoever wanna rumble Fuck da rumors and all that bullshit, when you See me, bring it, if you ain't, shut da fuck up! Smoothe Da Hustler] Every time Brooklyn in the place "BANG BANG!! Yes I got loose ends, poppin out the sunroof of the blue M I'm like Lou Sims And I'mma make sure they hit you wit both shotties I think this summer's gon be the most bodies You never ask a nigga in jail if he chillin Just make sure you make all the sales in the building Cuz now niggas think it's all right to tell And you could put out some garbage and it might could sell Alotta niggas be petty and sheist But that's only til you treat 'em like a video and edit they life This is a threat, when I talk you listen to death And if I run out of money then my wrist is a bet And the streets said they wanted more Kiss Up north niggas pop me in, and do a hundred more dips CHORUS Yo, whether it's dope money or rap money, gamble the shit Trey pounds of Mossbergs, handle the shit. It's suicidal, takin my title, Cuz my freestyle recital is vital Silly and more slicka den Billy Idol I'm breakin herbs down better than stick shifts wit clutches Stiff dick touches clits like Brownsville lips to dutches I'm nuttin ta fuck wit, ya couldn't oppose this Hill niggas be takin ab's while I be splittin seas like I'm Moses I lyrically kill shit so grab the red tape I turn live niggaz to dead weight so get dat head straight Gangsta niggaz talk the wrong shit Fuck rappin and livin, fuck who you down wit Who you know, or did a song wit I'm out for self, the streets got me hip So I pack steel, my rap open ears to keep me GQ to the tip I flip and break fool, that's word to mutha Playin niggaz soft, they break North Cause I come off like a used rubber [Chorus: Trigger Tha Gambler] It's the black beast from Brownsville Scaring like the dark block when the Hounds kill You found scar in your life, I found steel Never left a gunfight until the ground's filled Never ran, never will, I take blocks and raid spots Whatever that the round spills, is where the tape stops Since a kid, we kept a grudge, we hate cops SMGs the replay switch,. Yeah, niggas is up in here, taking your bitches Grab your motherfucking gun now, nigga This is going down motherfucker, WHAT! YEAH, all you pussy ass motherfuckers; What happened to Gangster Rap?
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Trigga tha Gambler

Ice-T X2] [Verse 4: Yo, Ice is on the ground The assassins, when they heard this up, stepped back and mixed in with the crowd Gloom broke into hysteria, spot went wild A lot of bitches yelling and crying, while fake niggas smile I heard voices of my loved ones said I leave the party God kisses my face as I leave my body [Interlude: Ice-T] Enough time has passed, false prophets steering you wrong You won't appreciate my wisdom, 'til I'm dead and I'm gone Underground dead from combat Laid down on the floor.. Deuce Fever] Yo, I wanna see what the fuck's happening!
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Hustler gambler gangsta lyrics
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